Method: 明日电视展视觉形象

2010-11-10 12:33 Method 电视 展览 美国

旧金山的 Method 工作室在2008年为 The TV of Tomorrow Show ( TVOT ) 设计的标志及形象。TVOT 是 [itvt] 在旧金山主办的年度会议,是互动/多平台电视行业的高层管理、技术和创意人员的全球盛会。新的标志、标牌、制作物和动态图形代表了互动/多平台电视界和其他创造性的社区之间的互生共融,这是2008年度 TVOT 展览的中心主题。这套视觉形象曾获2009年 ReBrand 100 全球奖。
“In its debut year, TVOT’s logo and event graphics were a derivative form of [itvt]‘s brand language. Little attention was given to the needs of the venue, or to the brand requirements of the event itself. In putting together the 2008 conference, the organizers needed to develop a strong brand identity that would help support the show’s burgeoning reputation. The TVOT Show itself is designed to be both cutting edge and fun – two key criteria that guided the design approach. The flexible solution features bright colors, a comprehensive icon system, and clean, legible layouts that extend from the event signage to the presentation graphics to the conference website. The form of the deliverables was tailored to complement the location (San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts). The new logo, collateral, signage, and motion graphics represent cross-pollination between the interactive, multi-platform television community and other creative communities, which functioned as a central theme for 2008′s show.”

TVOT 形象更换前后的标志比较图:





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