Capset Typeface

2011-01-01 16:14 Capset 字体

Capset (Suprb Exclusive) is part of our Exclusive Faces Volume 02. Exclusive Faces brings together a unique concept only available at HypeForType. We work closely with a selected 5 prolific designers and illustrators every 3 months to bring you, one off fresh innovative typography. Suprb (Andreas Pihlstrom) is a previous Art Director at the small but fiercely creative North Kingdom. Currently working as a consultant for Universal Everything, Andreas is also the founder of a broad range of networks and applications including Dropular, ReformRevolution, Typeneu, Indxr, Grid-A-Licious, and Qonversation. His incredibly diverse range of skills cover everything from creative direction, through to typography, web development, social networks, and user experience. His recent typographic projects include custom bespoke type design for Diesel, and an online presence for Universal Everything, and Dstrukt. It"s a great pleasure to welcome him and the beautiful Capset to HypeForType. Capset has been fully produced with multi language support, and I"m sure will be one to watch for 2009/2010.






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