2011-07-22 03:03 1980s Paul Rand Idea


Author of this cover is famous american graphic designer Paul Rand (1914 - 1996). In 1984 he designed this motif for special issue of Japanese magazine Idea. His late brilliantly pure modernist style, which he used for identity of the IBM company most, presented here the special issue of Idea about 30 most inspiring graphic designers of the last century including Will Burtin, Eric Gill, Takashi Kono, Hiroschi Ochi, Paul Rand, Ladislav Sutnar, Jan Tschichold and many others. 

On the cover Rand used symbol of the eye, too, which is included in one of the excellent pure conceptual logos for IBM. His Eye-Bee-M (1981) we love so much. Pure lines, bright colors and playful surrealistic and visual idea make from the logo predecessor of the contemporary conceptual design. Great work Mr. Rand!

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