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Poppin was created to fill the design gap between the products we use for work and those available in the rest of our lives. Great design surrounds us, and there is no reason it should stop at the workplace. They believe in providing clean and simple design at a great value.

It's like a throne... for your pen! The Heavy Weight Metal Pen is Poppin’s high-quality ballpoint pen housed in a matchbox like enclosure. The outside of the packaging is white, with an illustration of the beauty that is waiting for you inside the box. Poppin offers The Heavy Weight in 8 core colors and each illustration reflects the color of the product inside. The tray in which the pen rests also matches the color of each product with a subtle pattern for a hint of texture. As the tray slides out, it shows off the stark white foam interior that keeps the pen in place. There is a subtle circular cutout, which makes the pen easy to remove and replace.


"The Graphic Design team was tasked with creating a packaging design that both matched and stood out from that of the rest of the product-line. The design had to reflect the brand-standard, clean, white box and product illustration, while also feeling more luxurious. The packaging was designed to fit in with that of the rest of the collection, while reflecting the high-end quality of the pen itself.

For the retail price, $14, the packaging and the product are hard to beat. With the matchbox design, subtle varying patterns, and product illustration, the box is just as stunning as the pen itself. It will stand out on your desk, or in a supply closet, while being easily understood as a pen box. These contemporary yet classic pieces have a reputation for disappearing off your desk and ending up in your best friends bag."

Designed by Luke Weisman + Kathryn Brylinsky, via Poppin





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