苏州0419 - 2017年D&AD获奖作品展及50年回顾展 D&AD Exhibition in Suzhou

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The concept of creativity and design has gradually infiltrated all aspects of social development. Since the "creative economy" was proposed by the UK in the 1990s, developed countries and regions have successively proposed development of country based on creativity or the development model based on creativity, promoting "creative economy" to a strategic level.


As a carrier of creative economy, CCDE Suzhou has always paid attention to the international forefront of creative economy, introduced advanced cases of creative economy, built a bridge for the exchanges and cooperation between domestic and international creative economies, and promoted the integrative development of creative design and related industries in China.


This year, an "International Creative Design Pavilion" will be specially set in the 7th CCDE Suzhou, which is themed on "creative economy", and invites internationally renowned creative design agencies and designers to exhibit their latest creative design work and results, to highlight the strong driving force of "creative economy" through the exchange of creative design concepts, gathering of creative design information, display of creative design trends, popularization of creative design knowledge.


D&AD Awards, the most prestigious in the global circle of creativity, will also come to 2018 CCDE Suzhou, which will display the history of creative design development in the UK over the past 50 years, the latest creative trends in 2017, and the achievements of more and more young people joining the creative industry.

55年前的伦敦,一群设计师和艺术总监聚集在一起,为以提升创意与设计的标准,及探寻最佳创意为目标,而成立了D&AD(设计与美术指导奖)。这些创始人在第二年1963年,发起了首届评选及颁奖活动,从那时起,严苛即成为了选拔的标准,2500件作品中仅甄选出16件获奖作品,并被授予了著名的黄铅笔奖。 今天,D&AD 得到迅猛发展, 成为英国创意、设计和广告领域的代表性组织机构,并且走向全世界。

A group of designers and art directors gathered in London 55 years ago and set up the D&AD (Design and Art Direction Award) to improve the standards of creativity and design and explore the best creativity. The founders launched their first selection and award ceremony in 1963. Since then, harshness has become the standard of selection. Only 16 works are selected from 2,500 works and awarded the prestigious Yellow Pencil Award. Today, D & AD is growing rapidly, which has become a representative organization in the fields of creativity, design and advertising in the United Kingdom and is going to the world.


Each year, D & AD encourages the creation of outstanding design and advertising by selecting the best work and awarding awards. D&AD Professional Award participants are global industry elites. Awards such as Yellow Pencil, White Pencil or Black Pencil have always been recognized as the highest honor among practitioners.


Over the past 55 years, D & AD has accumulated countless creative masterpieces, such as iPhone, FedEx, Coca-Cola, etc., which have all won D&AD Awards.







The following is to give you a highlight of some ofthe classic cases in the history of D&AD Exhibition in the past 50 years’development of creative design in the UK. We hope that bydemonstrating the creative masterpieces of D&AD over the past 50 years, wecan bring new creative inspiration to creative workers at home and abroad!


iPhone 3G

Wood Pencil / Product Design / Leisure / 2009

iPhone 3G结合了iPhone所有的革命性功能,它的3G网络网速是初始代iPhone的两倍。它内置GPS功能以拓展手机移动定位服务;配置了iPhone2.0软件,其中包括对Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync的支持,并可以运行数百个第三方应用程序。iPhone 3G应用单塑碳酸酯背板,使触感更好。不锈钢边框环绕着华丽的光学荧屏,即凸显了清晰度又耐刮划。3.5英寸的屏幕使用户用手指轻轻一点就可掌控iPhone。

The iPhone 3G combines all the revolutionary features of the iPhone, with 3G networking that is twice as fast as the first generation iPhone. It has built-in GPS for expanded location-based mobile service, and iPhone 2.0 software, which includes support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs hundreds of third party applications. The iPhone 3G has a single sculpted polycarbonate back surface that feels even better in your hand. A stainless steel band surrounds the gorgeous optical-quality glass with superior clarity and scratch resistance. The 3.5 inch multi-touch display allows users to control iPhone with just a tap, flick or pinch of their fingers.



Yellow Pencil / Outdoor Advertising / Poster Advertising/Free Format / 2011


Our objective was to reinforce the message of FedEx’s quick delivery and its global reach for a growing number of small, medium and large Brazilian companies that export products to the rest of the world. FedEx’s speed of delivery to another country makes sending a package there as easy as sending it to your neighbour. The campaign featured in monthly business magazines, and economy and business newspaper supplements. ‘America’ was awarded a Yellow Pencil as a single execution and the campaign as a whole was nominated.



Yellow Pencil / Spatial Design / Installations / 2011

意托卡的“Palindrome导管”是证明V&A自创始以来拥有3000年人工产物文化价值的有力证明。导管中心是V&A的字母组合,设计者为Alan Fletcher。它由三个独立的旋转部件组成。标志的解构和再连接本身每半圈形成一个有趣的回文,而旋转产生的悦耳声音让人想起维多利亚自动机时钟的滴答声。

Troika’s ‘Palindrome’ is a kinetic object that recognises the rich collection of the V&A with over 3,000 years’ worth of cultural artefacts from the world’s most established cultures. At the centre of Palindrome is the iconic V&A monogram, originally designed by Alan Fletcher. It is made of three independently revolving parts. The logo deconstructs and reconnects itself with each half turn forming a playful palindrome legible from either side, while the wheels produce a gentle ticking sound reminiscent of Victorian automaton clockwork.


Heaven and Hell

Yellow Pencil / Art Direction / Art Direction for Press Advertising / 2012


A dynamic contemporary piece representing Channel 4's coverage of music festivals throughout the summer. The unique magical experience of a festival is reflected by creating a black, limitless graphic environment. Flashing panels and cables represent the music, pulsating to the beat. Neon cables spill out of glowing throbbing tents and entwine dancers, connecting people to the music. The contemporary dancer's movement reflects the energy, and untamed playful spirit of a festival.







Creativity changes the world! We hope 2018 theinternational design concept brought by D&AD Exhibition in 2018 CCDE Suzhoucan inspire domestic creative workers! From April 19, 2018 -22, the 7th CCDE Suzhou will be waiting for you!








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