Shine 工作室设计的 Jed’s 咖啡包装

2011-04-09 12:50 新西兰 Jed’s 食品 咖啡


新西兰 Shine 工作室设计的 Jed’s 咖啡的包装。新西兰的主流 咖啡有被刺激出令人兴奋的新产品的潜力,而不是把局限于老旧的款式规范。这是一个机会,揭开烘焙和研磨的神秘面纱,撇开咖啡的各种行话,开放而感知性地面对消费者。Jed’s 仅仅代表了纯粹一流的咖啡。简单明了的设计引你进入咖啡豆的世界,带你穿越简单的三步浓度——淡咖啡,中性,浓咖啡。以干净而时尚的视觉感受,在嘈杂混乱的市场中,Jed’s 的设计使自己鹤立鸡群,一跃而出。

“The mainstream coffee segment in New Zealand had the potential to be stimulated by an exciting new product that did not confine itself to the old category norms.The opportunity was to demystify the Roast and Ground category by removing the coffee  jargon, be more open and informative to the consumer. Jed’s Coffee Co. stands for Just Great Coffee.Easy to follow design points you to plunger/filter or beans and takes you through the 3 easy steps in strength – mild, medium and strong.With a clean, modern look, Jed’s is designed to ping out on shelf in a heavily cluttered market.”