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小林章:The type consists of thin lines but it has strength that comes from its lively strokes with flowing continuity. The letters are very well-proportioned and balanced. It creates beautiful texture with even, comfortable rhythm. The designer must have invested enormous time and effort to achieve this. Definitely the best of the best.


Gerry Leonidas:This typeface combines a high degree of creativity in the curves of the letters, whilew maintaining the proportions and homogeneity required for effective use in typesetting. It is a very good demonstration of how exploration in counter shapes and stroke modulation can happen within a typographic framework.  


Jean-Baptiste Levée:This design is quite original and well executed. Many shapes are surprising and qualify as an interesting display face. It will suit expressive, dynamic headlines.



小林章:A well-balanced sans serif with some twists. The unusual, vertically-cut diagonal strokes of the K, X and lowercase x work perfect with this expanded style. Some lowercase letters have brush-lettering characteristics and they give the type pleasant warmth.

这是一款平衡感良好并带有变形的无衬线字体。大写字母“K”、 “X”和小写字母 “x”不同寻常的垂直切割对角线笔画与这种扩展风格完美结合。一些小写字母具有笔刷字体的特点,让这款字体有了愉快的温度。

Gerry Leonidas:This typeface introduces a few quirks to an otherwise consistent execution of a highly usable sans serif style. This indicates maturity in the design process. There is a lot of potential to extend this approach to a large family.


Jean-Baptiste Levée:Good overall execution, with interesting takes on some letter structures. This design will work well everywhere a dynamic, energetic solution is sought.




小林章:This type leaves a long-lasting impression. Each letter has interesting and unique form you can look at for a long time.


Gerry Leonidas:This is a set of letterforms that tease the boundaries of what is a typeface. They are inventive and, despite the complexity of the shapes, homogeneous as a set. Although use is a challenge, they remind of the potential of typeface design to surprise and inspire.


Jean-Baptiste Levée:A very original, eye-catching design that remains a potential technical challenge. Readability might not be the main point of concern here, but the overall effect is striking, and leaves us to the question of defining what is a font.



小林章:The type dances! It’s pleasing to look at, not only because of its cheerful looking letterform, but it also has a good balance of black and white. Personally, I would like to set lowercase letters a little bit tighter, but it still deserves an award.



小林章:A well-executed and balanced type based on traditional calligraphic letterform but with a contemporary perspective. Thin, spiky serifs and the nice flowing curves of the round letters makes a nice contrast. The broken vertical stems create a beautiful fading effect when you build words from this type.


Gerry Leonidas:This typeface places sculptural, incised themes on top of a conventional structure, making this an effective and unusual design. It can find success in titling and headings already, and can definitely inspire variants with different degrees of sharpness in the stems, or the cuts.  



小林章:When we look at the past winners it is clear that this competition has always had a broad vision on type design. We judges were delighted and agreed on awarding this light-hearted set of alphabet. The idea itself is not new, but one can easily see each letter was drawn with a great sense of humour.


Jean-Baptiste Levée:Catchy and bouncy, this design will enlighten many a setting. It is joyful and cheeky, and proves a mastering of type execution.



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