MTV真人秀节目《16 and pregnant》相关设计

MTV公司委托我们设计《16 and pregnant》电视节目的形象识别系统。《16 and pregnant》是MTV推出的系列真人秀电视节目,讲述高中女生早孕的故事,并于2009年6月在美国开始播放,现在已经播放第二季了。



We were commissioned by MTV to create the identity of the 16 and pregnant TV show. 16 and pregnant is an MTV reality series that follows the story of pregnant girls in high school, and has started in the USA in June, 2009.

We were asked to make a new id, print and video for the rest of the World TV show launch campaign. However, we had to do this regardless base of the current identity from the USA TV show. We create a fresh identity that identifies with the youth MTV target, a brand illustration and brand gradients. The primary challenge for us was working with a huge MTV Project that would be develop around the world, so we produced a comprehensive set of guidelines and brought the brand to life on a large series of graphics. We also participated in the photography campaign and the TV commercials. We develop the graphics for the TV commercials and get in charge of the motions for it.

Created in collaboration with MTV World Design Studio Buenos Aires.


VP Creative: Sean Saylor

Creative Director: Juan Frontini

Art Director: Nacho Gil

Copywriter: Nico Sommer

Manager WDS: Jose Marfil

Producer: Delfi Chiesa

Photography: Nacho Ricci

Video: Primo Bs. As.

Commercial Directors: Nico, Martin y Luis Mermet.



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